Why should we focus on White Space in Presentation Slides?

Why Should You Focus on White Space in Presentation Slides

What is White Space?

White space, also called negative space, is the space we leave blank in a layout. It is also known as the breathing space.  Most of the people are filling every space with visual elements and making the slide more complex. White space is a good thing to practice. It gives a minimalist look and more emphasis on the important contents. One more thing is that, as we call it white space, it doesn’t have to be white. It can be in any colour with a blank area that is free from the elements. 

White Space in Presentations Why should you focus on White Space in Presentation Slides?

Why most people prefer Google as a search engine over Yahoo. Because, Google uses a lot of white space in its interface and the people can focus on what they are actually looking for.

White Space in Presentations 4 Why should you focus on White Space in Presentation Slides?
White Space in Presentations 5 Why should you focus on White Space in Presentation Slides?

Many luxury stores are also structuring their interior with a lot of empty spaces. This will create an elegant look and highlight it’s important products. Looking into white space in presentation slides, the popular real life example is Steve Jobs. He uses the advantage of white space in his presentations. Rather than filling all the content into a single slide, he split the contents into different slides and made them simple. It gives more emphasis to the contents. 

Bill gates using white space in presentation of apple

Why should we care about White Space?

White Space helps in the following ways;

  • Create a crisp, clean, elegant and minimalistic look
  • Bring attention to what matters
  • Let the audience read what they need to read
  • Create balance and order
  • Separates and groups elements 

5 techniques to improve the use of white space


#1 Increase the margin


Books and Magazines are great examples for this. There will be a good space (margin) between the text and edge of the page. This helps in readability.  Sometimes, these margins in the presentation help the audience to make notes.

#2 Use images with empty spaces


If you add complex background images, the audience may find it difficult to read the text. Use images with empty spaces. This make the slide more simple and readable

#3 Leave empty space over a coloured background


If you want to add more emphasis on the text, use a solid coloured background and remove all other elements. Put the text on the half side only. By leaving empty space, the slide becomes more simple and the text gets its own attention. 

#4 Use Keywords instead of sentences


If you add big sentences and read them again in your presentation, the audience will not hear you. Yous only the keywords in large, bold text that summarises your whole sentences.

#5 Split your content into different slides


If you have more content, don’t put it in a single slide. Split them into different slides, so your audience will not get bored. 

By following these techniques, you can use the white space in the correct manner in your presentations and can deliver it effectively. 


Looking for sample presentations that use whitespace?

At DesignedEra, we have a great collection of professionally designed PowerPoint templates that use white space. 

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