Essential PowerPoint shortcut keys to speed up your work

Essential PowerPoint Shortcyt Keys to Sppedup Your Work

MS PowerPoint is the most common tool used by all of us for preparing our presentations. There are a lot of features in MS PowerPoint and we all are using them. But, many of us are not aware about the shortcut keys for performing these activities. By knowing these, you can speed up your designing and presentation process.

Basic PowerPoint Short Keys

Ctrl + NCreate a new presentation document
Ctrl + OOpen an existing presentation document
Ctrl + SSave a presentation
Alt + F2 or F12 Open the Save As dialog box
Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4Close a presentation
Ctrl + QSave and close a presentation
Ctrl + ZUndo an action
Ctrl + YRedo an action
Ctrl + F2Print Preview View
F1Open the Help pane
Alt + QDirects to the “Tell me what you want to do” box
F7Check for spellings
Alt or F10Turn the key tips to ‘on’ or ‘off’
Ctrl + F1Show or hide the ribbon
Ctrl + FSearch in a presentation or use Find and Replace
Alt + FOpen the File tab menu
Alt + HGo to the Home tab
Alt + NOpen the Insert tab
Alt + G Open the Design tab
Alt + KGo to the Transitions tab
Alt + AGo to the Animations tab
Alt + SGo to the Slide Show tab
Alt + RGo to the Review tab
Alt + WGo to View tab
Alt + XGo to the Add-ins tab
Alt + YGo to the Help tab
Ctrl + TabSwitch between open presentations

PowerPoint shortcut keys for selecting, navigating texts and objects

Ctrl + ASelect all the objects on an active slide
TabSelect or move on to the next object on a slide
Shift + TabSelect or move to a previous object on a slide
HomeGo back to the beginning of the slide
EndGo to the end of the slide
PgDnGo to the next slide
PgUpGo the previous slide
Ctrl + Up / Down ArrowMove a slide up or down in the presentation document
Ctrl + Shift + Up / Down ArrowMove a slide to the beginning or end of your presentation document

PowerPoint shortcut keys for editing and formatting

Ctrl + XCut the selected text, object, or slide
Ctrl + C or Ctrl + InsertCopy the selected text, object, or selected slide
Ctrl + V or Shift + InsertPaste the selected text, object, or slide
Ctrl + Alt + VOpen the Paste Special dialog box
DeleteDelete the selected text, object, or slide
Ctrl + B Toggle bold on the selected text
Ctrl + IToggle italics on the selected text
Ctrl + UAdd or remove underline to selected text
Ctrl + ECentre align the selected text
Ctrl + JJustify the selected text
Ctrl + LLeft align the selected text
Ctrl + RRight align the selected text
Ctrl + TDisplay the Font dialog box after text or object is selected
Ctrl + KInsert a hyperlink
Ctrl + MInsert a new slide
Ctrl + DDuplicate the selected object or a slide

Useful PowerPoint shortcut keys for Slideshows

F5Play the presentation from the start
Shift + F5Play the presentation from the current slide
Ctrl + PAnnotate using a Pen tool while playing the slideshow
N or Page DownMove to the next slide while playing the slideshow
P or Page UpReturn to the previous slide while playing the slideshow
BChange the screen to black during a slideshow
WMake the screen go white during a show
Table DataStop or restart an automatic show
EscEnd the slideshow

We know, it’s very difficult to remember all these shortcut keys. But, the more you use, the easier it is to remember. So, start practicing using shortcut keys in PowerPoint. It will speed up your designing. If you want to check the article in future, you can bookmark or copy the post link. The DesignedEra team is always here to help you.

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