9 best Infographic designing online platforms for beginners

9 Best Infographic Designing Online Platforms for Beginners

Infographics are the visual representation of factual data. It is an essential thing for students, teachers, entrepreneurs, content creators and other professionals. But, many of us don’t have much knowledge in advanced designing software. Also the freelance designers are charging a huge amount for designing infographics. But, don’t worry, here we are listed the most simple & free online designing platforms. They are not completely free, as you have to upgrade for availing some features. Let’s look into each platform. 



Canva is one of the most commonly used platforms by digital creators. It’s a freemium tool (a tool that offers free as well as premium options). Canva provides a wide variety of free infographics templates which are easy to edit. Some elements such as icons, pictures may require you to upgrade. But, there are many free elements too. Through these, you can design many types of graphics without paying a single dollar.

Canva 9 best Infographic designing online platforms for beginners


Easel.ly is another freemium tool for non designers to create cool and professional infographics. It helps to create engaging infographics. The free version has a limited number of templates but enough for creating eye-catching infographics.



Piktochart helps you to quickly turn any text or data into a visual story that your audience will love. Apart from the infographics, it also helps beginners to create professional-looking reports, presentations, posters and social media graphics that will help them to drive good results.


Snappa is another web based platform which helps you to create eye catching infographics in minutes. The free plan gives all basic features with a limitation of 3 downloads a month. If you want more downloads, either you can upgrade or can create more accounts.



DesignCap is the freemium platform which is simple to use, and has a range of templates. The free version only allows you to download your design in jpg format. If you want it in png/pdf formats, you have to upgrade your account. 

DesignCap 9 best Infographic designing online platforms for beginners

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is also a platform for beginners to design professional graphics. It is a perfect option for entrepreneurs, because it gives the option to create your brands. But, in the case of infographics, it only has a few free templates. Also, in the free plan there will be the watermark of Adobe Spark at the corner. To avoid this, either you can upgrade or can crop the watermark using any other editor.

Adobe Spark


Infogram is another platform which has limited but professional infographics templates . Through the free plan, you cannot download the design. But, you can share the embedded file. But it is only useful for the people who have websites. Others have to upgrade for downloading the designs. 

Infogram 9 best Infographic designing online platforms for beginners


In the infographics section under Venngage there are different categories such as statistical, informational, process, comparison, timeline, geographic etc. But, we cannot download it in the free plan.  We have to upgrade to download the design. As similar as Infogram, Venngage also gives the option to publish and share the embedded infographics in the free plan. 

Venngage 9 best Infographic designing online platforms for beginners


Visme also has a great collection of infographics templates. But under the free plan, you can only download it in the jpg format. Also, if the design is longer, it will not have much clarity in the jpg format. You have to upgrade for high resolution.

Visme 9 best Infographic designing online platforms for beginners

These all are the best online platforms for non-designers for creating infographics. Among them, we highly recommend Canva for beginners, because it works well in the free plan without any watermark or download restrictions. Simply choose an infographic template, add your data and get your stunning custom infographics.

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Comment your thoughts and favourite platform.

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